At Egnyte, the customer is at the heart of every discussion – how we can add features and functionality to make you more productive and give you a better experience. Along these lines, I am pleased to announce several new enhancements to your Egnyte solution.

High-performance video and audio preview

Do you work with large video files? Tired of waiting for them to download? Egnyte’s new previewer received a boost in performance to ensure a seamless experience while previewing audio and video files.

Private link sharing with groups

This new feature will save you time when sharing links with a large number of recipients. Not only can you share private links with a group instead of typing individual email addresses, the sharing feature also automatically takes care of user addition/deletion. You will also receive notifications on a per-user basis.

Group sharing, notification, enterprise file sharing

Improved collaboration with real-time sync

When using the new Desktop Sync on Windows (8.3), you can now take advantage of the new real-time sync as soon as the file is saved. This means, instead of having to close out the document for it to sync, it will sync the moment you hit save.

Desktop Sync, real-time sync, Enterprise File Sharing

And that’s not all. Even the Egnyte right-click menu set by IT administrators has been upgraded to improve the user experience. Users can now, with a single click, copy a link, continuously take advantage of the Web UI enhancements for sharing files, as well as easily view files in the cloud. This is really useful for files that use applications that may not be available locally on a user’s computer.

Desktop Sync, collaboration, enterprise file sharing

Mac users – updates for you are coming very soon.

This Month’s Recommended Feature

How Effective is Your Content?

A lot of content gets created every day. But how do you know which files are popular and which ones you should probably abandon? Egnyte’s link-tracking feature lets you know who is downloading which files, when, where and from which device.

link tracking, enterprise file sharing. collaboration

Be sure to check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on product updates. Have any other product questions? The Helpdesk and our company blog can help you get the answers you need.

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