Today is Pi Day! But it’s not JUST Pi Day; the date is exactly 3/14/15. And, if you have a piece of pie at exactly 9:26:53, that’s a combination that only comes along every 100 years! This is a once (maybe twice) in a lifetime opportunity.

Can you tell this is one of my favorite holidays? Who doesn’t love pie combined with math? Is this why most presentations include pie charts? While this awesome holiday happens to fall on the weekend, my colleagues agreed that this day must be celebrated, so we carved out a few moments to remember the upcoming holiday with some pie, a nice addition to our usual bagel Friday menu (some lovely pictures below).

In honor of this day, I thought I’d share some interesting stats:

  • The first large-scale event to celebrate Pi Day was in 1988 in San Francisco.
  • The United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day on March 14 in 2009.
  • According the the Pie Council, approximately $700 million in pies are sold in grocery stores every year.
  • The Pie Council also noted that at one time, it was against the law to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas!! Oh, Dorothy.
  • Pumpkin pie was first introduced to the holiday table at the pilgrim’s second Thanksgiving in 1623 – definitely something to be thankful for.

If you need more inspiration on how to make this day more exciting than just eating pie, check out this Wiki-how checklist. I might just have to go run slightly under a 5K (that’s 3.10686 miles for those not partaking in math today) to work off my pie intake.

Enjoy the rest of your Pi Day! Hope the rest of 2015 is just as sweet. Cheers!


Pi Day, company culture, event


Pi Day, Holiday, company culture

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