What do spiders do for fun on Halloween? Surf the web!

As a company, we’ve decided to celebrate more, and so we have been quite involved with the holidays. Last week, everyone turned out for our Diwali party, and it was phenomenal. This week, it’s all about Halloween, and we threw a Spooktacular celebration to bring out everyone’s inner ghoul.

The festivities began last week with decorations across the office, then pumpkins appeared in the cafeteria, then carving tools, and then….BOO! Did I get you?

We’re competitive by nature, so of course, there were several contests for best decorations, pumpkins carved, and costumes (it’s not Halloween without costumes!).

And the winners were in our Mountain View office….

Best Decorated Cube/Office: The Engineering team

engineering, culture, event

Best Group Costume: The Marketing team

marketing, culture, employee

Scariest Costume: Colin Jordan

Egnyte, culture, employee

Funniest Costume: Yolanda Celi

Egnyte, culture, event, enterprise file services

Best Overall Individual Costume: Scott Franz

Egnyte, Culture, Enterprise file services

Best Pumpkin Carving: The Engineering team

For our Spokane office…

Best Costume: Brittany Worley

Spokane, culture, employees

Best Pumpkin Carving: Austin Garner

I think my favorite part of today was being able to take a step back and soak it all in. In the eight months that I’ve been at Egnyte, I’ve seen a true investment in company culture by celebrating holidays and allowing employees to take a breather from the normal workday, which in my opinion goes a long way. So if coming together for an hour or two to have a few laughs at costumes and enjoying some food and drinks is the perfect way to end the week, I say, “Trick or Treat!”

For those of you taking your kids out later, please be safe, watch for cars, carry a flashlight, and most of all, don’t forget to get some candy for yourself. Happy Halloween!

Next up, Egnyte-sgiving…


Spokane, culture, event

culture, party, event



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