With more than 55 years in the construction business, PC Construction specializes in general contracting, construction management and design-build services across North America. As the company has grown and taken on larger projects, they’ve adopted new technologies to meet industry demands and make their collaboration processes more efficient.

Many of the company’s projects are managed across numerous internal and external teams, and each team requires collaboration tools to share and access project plans from any device and on any job site. IT initially pieced together a solution with FTP servers and created individual folder structures dedicated to each project. This worked on a smaller scale, but it was a cumbersome and time-consuming process mixed with security risks around access permissions for business-critical files before, during and after project completion.

PC Construction’s Director of IT Randy K. Lessor decided that the organization needed a solid file services infrastructure to enable seamless and secure access to project files for their dispersed teams. After reviewing popular consumer apps and a myriad file-sharing offerings, Randy chose Egnyte because the flexible deployment options address all of his company’s pain points.

 “I started out looking for a tool to improve collaboration on projects. Other tools would have allowed me to share files on a few projects but still left me concerned about security. With Egnyte, I now have a single platform that has become our file server, addressing departmental and project needs inside and outside the company,” said Lessor.

For the full case study on why PC Construction chose Egnyte for all of their file services needs, click here.


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