Real-time collaboration and instant access to business data keeps productivity high, but it’s also stirring up major issues around Shadow IT.

AppDynamics faced this situation with numerous departments sharing and storing business files in a myriad consumer apps without the consent of IT. With new employees and contractors joining the company every day, AppDynamics needed a solution to address the needs of its growing teams and eliminate the rogue use of apps to gain back visibility and control of business files.

They researched and reviewed numerous file-sharing offerings and chose Egnyte due to the high level of flexibility around deployment models for sharing and accessing files on-premises and in the cloud, from any location and any device. IT can easily manage users to ensure the right individuals have the right information when they need it. They can also easily prevent access to business files when a contractor has finished a project.

To learn more, watch this video testimonial from the Senior IT Manager at AppDynamics. Justin Silva highlights the challenges their teams were facing and why Egnyte is the right solution to effectively meet their needs. Enjoy!

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