After spending 12 hours collecting data in the field, the last thing a field operations team wants to deal with is another 3-4 hours of uploading and sharing that data each day. How do you reduce the time and effort required to upload and seamlessly share business-critical data with clients, while also saving money? By using Egnyte!

Oil-rigFMC Technologies, a global provider of technology solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry with more than 19,500 employees dispersed across 17 countries around the globe, deals with this difficult challenge every day. With personnel out in the field continually collecting data for their clients, the company had a rapidly-growing need to better manage, access and share data, even when internet connections are spotty.

Recognizing that cloud-only file-sharing solutions wouldn’t meet all of their data access and sharing needs, FMC turned to Egnyte to handle their everyday business workflow. The unique hybrid solution enables them to quickly and effectively sync and share all of their data, while providing faster delivery time to their clients. By using Egnyte as their central file repository for storing, sharing and managing their business data, FMC is now able to:

  • Work effectively across 30 production facilities across the globe
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with their new processes
  • Cut back on the amount of time needed to upload and share data with their clients

Check out the full FMC Technologies Case Study to get an in-depth look into how FMC Technologies uses Egnyte to save money and optimize data access out in the field, across offices, and around the world.

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