ribbon cuttingYesterday, we made the move to our beautiful new Mountain View corporate headquarters official with a great party and ribbon cutting ceremony. On hand to help us commemorate this special event were many of our best partners, customers, investors, employees and friends, and we were honored to have Mike Kasperzak, a city council member and former mayor, cut the ribbon with me to celebrate our new office.

When I founded Egnyte in 2007 with Amrit Jassal, Rajesh Ram, and Kris Lahiri (after all of us having worked together at numerous companies), we couldn’t have imagined, much less believed we could achieved all of the milestones we’ve experienced over the past seven years. We started out in a tiny office where we literally had to rotate who should work from home each day since we couldn’t fit into the space together at once. We launched our business with the vision that we wanted to create a platform to provide a way for businesses to effectively and securely share and store their large files – long before the cloud became THE industry buzzword. We’ve come a long way in turning our idea into a reality for thousands of companies of all sizes around the world.

It’s been a long time since we started out in that tiny office; our employee count has grown from 4 founders to nearly 300 employees worldwide. And, our new 30,000 square foot office is a testament to our continuing commitment to our visions from way back then.

We’re thrilled with our new headquarters in Mountain View and our successful growth rate of hiring numerous employees every week! It’s humbling to see where we are, and our entire team is excited to see the big things to come.

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