How do you keep dispersed teams connected when internet connectivity is spotty at best? Answer: through a delicate mix of cloud and local storage to empower your employees for whatever environments they may face.

Customer successEgnyte customer environmental consulting firm Earth Systems is a great example of this. The company has teams working across five continents, often in very remote areas. To complete their projects effectively, they need to work closely with clients and the local communities to ensure that environmental and social considerations are fully integrated into all of their project designs, which means they spend countless hours onsite in these remote, unpredictable locations. But Earth Systems doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to keeping every team member updated on plans and progress since they’ve implemented Egnyte.

When choosing a file-sharing service, the company had to consider all of their pain points and choose a platform that could most effectively solve their business needs. Some of Earth System’s pain points that needed to be addressed by the new solution included:

  • The ability for teams to keep projects moving when internet connectivity is limited or nonexistent
  • How to keep teams connected across six remote offices and in unpredictable worksites
  • A way to share large GIS mapping projects that can consist of hundreds layers on each map. Layers can be composed of hundreds of tiny files or a single huge image 5-20 GB in size
  • A method that won’t clog bandwidth when sharing large files
  • Maintaining security as a top priority by ensuring IT control over data and its users

To find out why Egnyte beat out cloud-only solutions from SugarSync and Dropbox, check out the full Earth System’s case study. The case study dives into their evaluation process and details the key reasons why they chose Egnyte for keeping their teams connected whenever and wherever their client projects take them.

Download PDF Earth Systems – Case Study

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