Something is bothering Vineet Jain.

He started a company backed by Kleiner Perkins. He even ended up selling it to a company in Dallas. But the sale “was not a great exit for its stock holders.” And as he explained in a September 28 interview, with his current start-up, Jain is determined to expunge his feeling of failure by making sure that he can enrich his team when the time is right.

In 2007 CEO Jain founded Egnyte, a Cloud file server start-up, that helps people working in a company to collaborate on electronic documents. Egnyte’s product makes it much easier – than, say, sending different versions back and forth – for people who are sharing a document to keep track of those versions and access them from different devices — whether they are inside the company or outside it.

In designing Egnyte’s service, Jain points out that it has been critical to get a company’s IT department on his side even as its service delivers a very easy to use and fast service to the IT department’s internal customers. Those customers happen to be Egnyte’s users and the people who pay its bills.

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By Peter Cohan, Forbes

October 1, 2012

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