Summer has been an incredibly hectic and and exciting time at Egnyte. On the heels of our funding by Google Ventures, we have been busy putting the money to work. The ranks of our engineering and product teams have been growing. We have expanded our office space and made numerous investments to make the team creative and productive.

Our singular motivation in doing all this is to deliver a world-class product!

Our entire team is in “beast mode”. We are burning the midnight oil and ending every day with the anticipation of the next. We are visibly improving some part of our product every week, be it bug fixes, small enhancements or big breakthrough features.

We want our customers to share in this journey. To this end it’s my pleasure to introduce Egnyte Hot Seat. Over the next several months we will shine the spotlight on our product managers and engineers and have them share details and use cases around the improvements they are making. The first video about our browser back button feature is below. Enjoy!

– Rajesh Ram

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