The latest release of the Egnyte Salesforce integration allows you to upload files directly to custom objects.  Previously, Egnyte only supported uploading files to certain standard objects.

Uploading files to custom objects provides the ability to track and share files related to company records beyond the following standard Salesforce objects – Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts.  For example, if you have created a custom object for your Products, you can upload technical diagrams associated with specific parts of those products.

Folders will be created for each record, and files added to the records will be saved to those folders.  Anyone with access to a custom record can view files associated with that record.

Egnyte provides easy file access and sharing within Salesforce, with no limits to storage capacity or file size. Access rules are enforced consistently whether users access files in Salesforce or directly through Egnyte.

  • Collaborate with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users.
  • Share files securely with prospects and customers.
  • Salesforce access rules are applied to files when accessed directly in Egnyte.


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