1. Each person matters: We believe that every person associated with Egnyte has a huge impact on the company. No job is unimportant or less important.
  2. Complete transparency: Good or bad, you will always know how the company is doing. Almost every month, we do an all hands company meeting where the management team presents the slide deck that was used in the board presentation. No edits or redactions are allowed.
  3. No frills, but best of work tools: We do not have $3000 coffee-makers, 30 minute shiatsu massages or free home cleaning service, but every team member has the best equipment, support and anything else they need in order to be good at what they do. And we do not provide free soda.
  4. Individual growth:  Each person scales as the company is scaling new heights.  I, as the CEO, am much better in handling a significantly larger business and day to day business issues than, say two years back. The same is true for all my team members. Egnyte provides a great opportunity for career growth.
  5. Personal wealth: My goal is to build an insanely successful product company and create great wealth for all my team members. Egnyte places high demands on its team members and tries to treat everyone fairly. Therefore, it is natural that we want every individual associated with us to feel that it has been or was a great ride.
  6. No lifestyle business: We want to build a big company for long term. Cash flow break-even and profitability are important but we are not interested in creating a small business, much like a boutique, where salaries and bonuses are good and that’s all that happens year after year. We want to build a big profitable business with a product that we are proud of.
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