Today at UP 2011, Egnyte was awarded the Most Promising Startup Cloud Provider award! We were selected as finalists along with two other startups, Big Switch Networks and CloudPassage. Vineet Jain, our CEO and cofounder, presented to the judges panel and talked about Egnyte’s unique hybrid cloud solution.

So why did we win?

Because the convergence between two important industry trends, cloud commuting and the consumerization of IT, is driving demand for file sharing and access by business users to a much larger audience than ever before. Egnyte HybridCloud is uniquely positioned to deliver the speed and security required by businesses, ranging from home office to enterprise organizations. Because files on Egnyte appear in Explorer and Finder on Macs and PCs, and through native apps on iPad, iPhone and Android, IT leaders can deploy Egnyte’s solution and expect quick adoption by users. In addition, integrations with VMware, Netgear, Outlook,, and Google Docs further embed Egnyte into existing workflows.

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