The “cloud” bubble: Avoiding the jargon & finding the money

If you’ve had just about enough of “leveraging infrastructures” and “cloud-based platforms-as-a-service” and 10-year-old engineers raising $100 million for fancy-sounding vaporware, this is a good interview for you to watch.

Vineet Jain has been around the block when it comes to tech industries, and the guy knows how to turn a trend into a profitable business. Previously, Jain founded and sold Valdero, a supply chain software provider. These days, he’s working on Egnyte, a hybrid cloud technology company.

At the CloudBeat conference today, we talked with Jain about how the current bubble — including a few “cloudy” companies — is likely to pan out, and what to make of expensive-sounding technologies in a rapidly evolving business environment.

By Jolie O’Dell
December 1, 2011

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