“We frequently have employees working offsite with clients or from home, and with employees using a VPN to access their files, our server always acted up. With Egnyte, employees can easily access their files from any device, wherever they are.”

-Sid Simmons, Founder and Chairman at Incite

Incite: Delivering research to provide insights and direction to clients 

Incite is a market research company based in London. They have built their 11-year-old business on four principles: talent, rigor, debate, and communication. Incite works with clients to help make decisions and motivate change through identifying and communicating consumer insights. Their team of senior consultants provides brand consultation services to many companies, such as Capital One, eBay, Vodafone and Royal Mail.

Challenge: Secure, remote access while offsite

Incite’s 40+ employees spend two to three days offsite each week, visiting with clients. Before Egnyte, employees would use VPN for remote access to their physical file server, located in their London office. When many employees were using VPN to access files, their file server would act up, slow down and at times block access to critical business files. Sid Simmons, Founder and Chairman of Incite, knew he had to look for an alternate solution.

Solution: Deploy Local Cloud on a Netgear ReadyNAS

Sid read about Egnyte in PC Magazine and discussed the solution with their outsourced IT partner, Dunston IT. Incite was not ready to immediately replace their physical file server and rely solely on the cloud. Internet speeds in London are slow, and employees needed quick local access to files when in the office. He was attracted to Egnyte HybridCloud for the unique combination of public cloud with synchronized local storage. With the help of IT professional Jo Hopkins at Dunston IT, they selected Egnyte Office Local Cloud on a Netgear ReadyNAS.

With Office Local Cloud, Incite employees have reliable remote access to their cloud files, and quick local access when working in the office. Additionally, many employees use the Egnyte iPhone and iPad applications to access their files from the road. Egnyte is a cost effective and reliable solution for Incite, enabling employees to work efficiently from any location.

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