I am pissed

Indeed, not a great way to start a blog but HP kills WebOS, with no warning or notice to ISV’s!!!

I am upset with them for botching the execution of the WebOS platform. As a small ISV, we poured a lot of money and effort into building the app for the TouchPad, and were about to release a significantly revised version this weekend. We had jumped over hoops to get the app ready for the TouchPad launch and had worked with their marketing and engineering teams at breakneck speed.

My fear, prior to the launch, was that HP was rushing into launching the tablet. In fact, even after the launch I had the temerity to send a note to one of their VP’s on July 5 which stated:

“Sorry for sending my unsolicited advice but I REALLY think that HP should price the base config device at $329 or $349 or so, since being at a price parity with a gen 1 device against a gen 2 (and soon to come, gen 3) iPad is a mistake. I like the WebOS tablet and want it to succeed.”

Obviously HP folks thought that they knew best when the response I got was “Stay tuned, we have some tricks up our sleeves.” The trick was to drop the price after poor product reviews, poor sales, and effectively cheapen the brand.

The silver lining here is that we have one less OS to support.

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