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Egnyte Android Application – Version 1.2

We have released a new version of our Egnyte Android Application!

New features include:
  • Ability to delete folders: You can easily delete folders and files contained in the folder by selecting and tapping on the Delete button.
  • A Full Sync option in the App menu: When you tap the Full Sync button in the App menu, Egnyte will conduct a bi-directional sync of files you marked for local access on your device. Your local files on your device will be updated to the latest cloud file version and any file changes made locally will be pushed to the cloud.
  • A Folder Sync option: Similar to the Full Sync option, Folder Sync can handle network connectivity loss. If you lose internet connection, the sync will resume automatically when connectivity is restored.
  • File status visual indicators: Icons will identify files that are stored locally, and files that are currently being downloaded or uploaded to the cloud.
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