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Social Networks Everywhere?

It is easy to say that social media and social networking are some of the hottest trends and buzzwords right now. Software providers of all ilks are adding something that can be tagged as “social.” In my opinion for a certain class of solutions, especially CRM, social is a natural extension. But for other business applications, could it be a case of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole?
While reviewing the product road map with the team last week, I looked deeper into what we should be doing related to our raison d’etre – “files.” An area that I have championed with my team is building bridges between files and the most successful collaboration application on the planet – email. I want us to leverage this “social tool” first before we even think of adding something like a Yammer/Chatter like capability to Egnyte.
You will soon see some new features coming out of Egnyte in this area. Do you have any suggestions for how Egnyte could effectively integrate social features into our product?
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