Last weekend, I was busy catching up reading one week’s worth of the Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle – yes, I still read the “newspaper.” Contrary to my opinion that the quality of the Journal would go down post News Corporation ownership, I am positively surprised with the increasing amount of time I spend reading it. In fact, their Saturday print, which is emulating to be the weekend a la The New York Times, is quite interesting to read.

In the “Off Duty” section, I read Dan Neil’s review on the latest incarnation of the “mini” titled: “What part of ‘Mini’ Did You Not Grasp, BMW?” It reminded me of the hard discipline required to keep a successful product from not swaying too far away from its roots.

This is a constant challenge even for us. Customer requests come in to provide calendaring ability in the app, project/task management capabilities and several other interesting things. Our raison d’ĂȘtre is files. We want to keep it simple, yet are always looking to enhance what you can do with the files. Some customers may find us slow in adding features, but believe me, we are deliberate by design since every new feature introduces complexity. There’s always a fine balance between simple and simplistic. We strive for the former, but do err sometimes. If there is a feature/capability you would like to see in Egnyte, please send us your suggestion.
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