Good morning! My name is Gio Colletti and I work in the Sales department at Egnyte. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Chico State, I am a Certified Instructor for Craftsman Tools, and I am certified by the Gemological Institute of America. As you can see, I’m a man of many talents. I was initially attracted to technology because I didn’t want to live in the “Flinstone” era anymore. I wanted to keep up and stay ahead on my work, and technology helps me do this.

I love working at Egnyte because it’s a fun place to work and we laugh a lot. Also, I genuinely enjoy listening to the bells go off when someone sees how much they can do with the solution Egnyte offers. Egnyte can positively affect our customers’ lives and enable them to devote more time to their families, hobbies, etc. I hope that people will choose to invest the time and money they save with Egnyte to help others in their community.
Outside of work I spend time going to church, hanging with family and friends, playing baseball, listening to music, and cooking. Thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself to you and I look forward to working with you in the future!
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