>On Friday, 1/28, we encountered hardware issues with one of our storage pods serving a subset of our customers in one of our data centers. The type of failure that occurred — that would disallow all access to the data — is not supposed to occur in this setup and is being throughly investigated by the vendor. All storage nodes are mirrored and have redundant hardware components. Data is also replicated across nodes.

To preclude any possibility of data loss, only read access to this pod was restored as we looked for ways to allow full access. Within a couple of hours, full access was restored with degraded performance as we started moving all data out onto a standby pod. This process was completed over the weekend and full access has been restored for all affected domains.

As protection of our customer’s data is our primary responsibility, we have accelerated our plans to persist data across multiple storage technologies. The first phase of this plan was activated — in parallel with data restores –this weekend itself. Going forward we will eliminate our reliance on using a single type of storage technology within Egnyte.

Again, thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused yourself or your business.

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