Almost a month back, we launched Egnyte in the UK ( The pricing is still in US dollars and the grammar is not yet reflecting queen’s English. Our plan was to run marketing campaigns in the UK for a few months, serve the accounts from our East Coast data center and gauge the response before deciding to make more investments – all within a quarter. I am pleased to share that the campaign results have blown past our expectations, the conversion metrics for some campaigns are even better than similar campaigns in the US. I am impressed with the technical savvy of Egnyte users in the UK. We are deploying more Office Local Cloud or Enterprise Local Cloud solutions on a per capita basis as compared to the US.

This has given me the confidence that we could expand our marketing campaigns and serve customers in other geographies as well, sooner than I thought. One core technology that we are working on (which is almost ready to be deployed for the UK first) is web acceleration to give the fastest possible experience to our customers, no matter how far they are from the closest Egnyte data center. We hope to have this rolled out within the next couple of months and look forward to expanding our business within the UK.

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