“What is the difference between the Personal Local Cloud and the Backup client?”

Both are downloads from the Egnyte Cloud File Server that install on a power user’s personal computer. Both protect your documents and increase your productivity. However, there are key differences between them.

The Personal Local Cloud provides off-line sync capability, enabling you to access files locally and automatically synchronize with the cloud file server. When you download the Personal Local Cloud to your computer, you can choose which folders (from “Shared” or your “Private” folder) in the cloud file server you would like to sync locally on your computer. With the Personal Local Cloud you don’t need an internet connection to access your documents, which enables you to edit files quickly and share them with your business partners.

On the other hand, the Backup Client enables you to back up the documents stored on your computer to the cloud. When you download the Backup Client you select the computer folders, for example your ‘My Documents’ folder, that you want to back up to the cloud. If your computer crashes or your documents are lost, you can log on to your Cloud File Server from any computer, select the computer under ‘My Backups,’ and restore your documents locally. Here’s a quick summary:

Personal Local cloud


Allows you to sync folders from /Shared and /Private folders in the cloud file server

Enables you to backup any folder on your computer to the cloud file server

Sync is bi-directional

Sync is uni-directional

Meant for off-line access to folders in the cloud

Meant for data protection/disaster recovery of your computer

File changes can result in notifications to others

No notifications to anyone

Real-time sync possible

Only scheduled sync

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