Good Morning! In the next two weeks, we are going to release updates to our Personal Local Cloud. Details on the update are listed below. As always, please comment with any questions or further suggestions you may have!

Faster synchronization

We have improved several facets of our synchronization to allow faster propagation of file changes made across your PLC and the cloud or across the PLC installations of multiple users collaborating with each other. You can expect to see continued improvements from us in this area. We realize that while sync is intended to be for offline access, more of our customers expect real time behavior even when using sync to work locally.

Pause mode

Based on requests from customers, we have now introduced the ability for you to pause your synchronization. You can resume synchronization at a time of your choosing by simply changing your settings back to schedule or real time mode.

Pre-sync reporting

Many of our customers with large data sets, particularly those using our data migration service had requested a sync preview function. We now provide an option to run a Sync preview report, which produces a listing of all file differences between your Local data set and the data set in the cloud. You can preview this report before actually kicking of synchronization.

Better handling of temp files

The sync process now completely skips temporary files, reducing unnecessary sync activity and saving bandwidth and confusion on sync status.

Mac menu integration

The PLC now runs on the Mac menu instead of running on the dock. Note that on Windows, the PLC was already setup to run from the system tray.

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