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We currently provide a browser based “app free” approach to access your Egnyte account on Android phones. However, there has been an increasing set of requests for an Android app. Resource constraints and frankly, waiting for a good Android based tablet, are the primary reasons for not having the app.

This is about to change. We plan to release a fabulous Android app in the early part of November that goes one step further than our iPhone and iPad app. Like the existing apps, you will be able to access files, share files as links, upload content, search etc. Additionally, we are going to use our Local Cloud technology in this app, wherein you can access a file from your Cloud File Server, open and edit the file with any third part app, and Egnyte will synchronize the changes up to the cloud.
This new capability underscores the evolution of tablets (with the assumption that before Christmas, there will be new Android tablets to compete with the iPad) in increasingly usurping the role of netbooks and even laptops.
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