Hello everyone, my name is Rajesh. At Egnyte we don’t believe much in titles, but as roles go I like think of myself as the “product and customer guy.” That means planning and designing our products and making sure they get in the hands of our users in a timely and quality manner. I spend about half of my time with our engineers and QA teams, and the other half with our customers, sales, and support folks.

To be honest, I got into technology by sheer accident. I had studied to be a Mechanical Engineer, and when I graduated from college I thought that my calling was to design the next generation of manufacturing lines. Out of the blue, a buddy of mine who was working in tech called me and persuaded me to interview for a position at a large database software company. Something clicked and I landed in the technology industry. I haven’t looked back since and it’s been a fun ride. Wasn’t it a famous singer who once said, “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans?”

I like working at Egnyte because it is such a deep part of who I am. For any entrepenuer, the company is their baby (I know, because I am also a dad!). You are a part of germinating this idea and if you do things right and catch some breaks along the way, it takes on a life of its own. Deep down, that defines my relationship with Egnyte.

Egnyte keeps me on my toes. My early career, right after I graduated from college, was spent in the enterprise software business. While it was still software, it was a very different world from the one Egnyte thrives in today. You had 6 to 9 month product release cycles, 6 month sales cycles and the product sold for a few 100K. However Egnyte, being a cloud service, was the antithesis of everything I had learnt. I have had to “unlearn” my past everyday to put together 2 week release cycles for a product that sells for a few dollars a month. This is Darwinism at play on a personal level and I find this nothing short of exhilarating.

The guys and gals I work with make my days at Egnyte worth it. As an entrepreneur, you realize that it takes so much to build a company. You have to surround yourself with smart and driven people to complement your skills. I really enjoy bringing together this talent and getting us all striving towards a common goal.

I have two kids who keep me really busy outside of work. I also try and hit the gym 3-4 times a week to keep me sane. When I do magically manufacture that 25th hour in the day, I seek refuge in the pages of a book. I am big on history and generally like to travel to the historical spots I read about. Thank you so much for letting me share my background with you and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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