Hello, my name is Dirk Hamady and I am a Corporate Sales Representative here at Egnyte. I work hard to answer all of your questions about how Egnyte can increase your business’ potential. I conduct demonstrations and communicate with you to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

Initially, I was attracted to technology because it is an exciting field to work in. Technology continues to shift the way people do business, from making communication more efficient to increasing accessibility and mobility of business itself. I attended Azusa Pacific University where I chose to study Business Administration. Specifically, I was drawn to startups and small businesses, which is what eventually led me to Egnyte.
So far I have loved working at Egnyte. The working environment and the people I work with are by far the best part of working here. Every day is filled with excitement and energy for our product and each individual that I work with contributes to the energetic atmosphere.
Outside of work I spend time at home with my wife and my dog. I love the outdoors and you can usually find me running, surfing, or fishing. I have enjoyed sharing a little about myself with you today. I am here to provide you with information about Egnyte and instructions on how to use our product. Thank you and have a great day!
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