Good Morning! On a weekly basis I will keep you in the loop on product improvements and updates that we are rolling out to our customers.

August 2010 – Local Cloud and Backup Improvements

  • In the newest round of updates, we are making it easy for those using a network running a proxy server to access Egnyte. A proxy server is a company’s Internet server that is controlling access to the Internet. Previously, these servers were able to block access to the Egnyte servers if Egnyte did not have the proxy information. Now, when users install the Local Cloud and login for the first time, they will be able to easily setup the proxy server information and connect to the Egnyte servers. Our backup software will provide proxy server support as well.
  • Have you noticed that when you restart your computer, the mapped drive sometimes loses connectivity? We have made significant improvements to ensure a higher success rate of drive mapping after you restart your computer. If the wireless connection isn’t allowing the drive to map correctly, we will pop up an error message, asking you to check your wireless connection to solve the problem.
  • Finally, we’ve removed restrictions and are allowing Egnyte to back up files with special characters in their names, increasing the amoung of data you can securely save on the cloud.

We hope our updates help increase Egnyte’s functionality for you! If you have additional suggestions for improvement, please submit them on our support site under the Suggestions forum, found here:

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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