Last month, we had been very busy working on significant infrastructure upgrade in terms of servers and storage arrays at both our data centers. Good news is that our customer base is increasing at a rapid pace, the bad news was that it brought with it the challenges of improving the infrastructure at a faster pace. I admit that we did not plan better and our forecast fell short of the actual demand. However, we are happy to report that we have addressed that issue with a vengeance and hopefully, our customers will see Egnyte being faster and more stable.

We have introduced a value calculator on our site that enables you to compare the cost of implementing an in-house server vs using the Egnyte Cloud File Server. Please take that for spin to see the money you are saving with Egnyte.

Now, you can not only upload your company logo, you can also mask the account url from say “” to “” by providing us with a digital certificate. Click here for more details.

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