In the process of installing insurance benefits at companies, I’ve witnessed the fact that despite the prevalence of technology, some insurance brokers and insurance underwriters still live in the Dark Ages. OK — maybe I am exaggerating, but there are inefficiencies in their practices that translate into costly wastes of time.

Imagine this — the process involves having an employee fill out an insurance benefits application (around 4 or 5 pages). It has to be signed. Multiply that by 15 employees for example. That could be 75 pages total that the employer has to fax to the insurance benefits broker. The insurance benefits broker then has to review them and then fax them over to the underwriter. The underwriter reviews the applications and most of the time will have questions because the clarity of the applications gets lost in fax transmission.

When time is of the essence (and it usually is), some employers and brokers take the desperate measure of emailing the applications. Of course, that is a big “no-no” because that will violate HIPAA since emailing is not secure.

The inefficiency and security issues can be resolved with a secure file server that can be accessed by both internal and external players. The scenario I described above assumes that the employer, insurance broker, and underwriter do not have a secure file server in place. Either the insurance broker or the underwriter should have a secure file service in place in order to streamline the benefits installation process.

Egnyte can help insurance brokers and underwriters eliminate the inefficiencies and maintain the required security. We offer an On Demand File Server (ODFS) that can be accessed securely by multiple parties. This can result in saving money and enhancing the level of customer service to the employer.

Imagine this — the employer logs in and drops the 15 insurance benefits applications into the secure Egnyte ODFS. The broker and the underwriter log in and retrieve the applications. Done.

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