I recently spent a week outside the US and got to actually put the cloud to the test on the road. One of my stops was Florence, Italy – the birthplace of the renaissance and tucked away in the scenic region of Tuscany. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of technology. I was pleasantly surprised.

My apartment, a short walk from the historic center of the city was equipped with wireless, sporting a 0.5 Mbps upload speed– beats what I get at home most of the time. I was able to comfortably access our Egnyte file server (we eat our own dog food!) and stay connected with my crew back in the office.

I was really thrilled to meet one of our customers, Jennifer, who lives in Florence and works with a New York based financial services company. Over a cappuccino, Jennifer shared with me how their team is completely spread out and works together using a portfolio of cloud based solutions (Egnyte being one of them).

Just a couple of years back, this probably would have been difficult to pull off.

Viva La Cloud!

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