One of our customers, Stephen O’Brien, entrepreneur and founder of Espressi, Inc., has been using his Egnyte On Demand File Server (ODFS) since October 2008. I’ve kept in touch with Stephen because the company story is so intriguing to me. Based in San Jose, California, Espressi is a startup that produces and sells a hand held espresso machine.

Stephen needed a low-cost solution to help him securely share files and collaborate with his virtual team members. At first, team members were spread throughout Silicon Valley. But as Stephen needed to add expertise and talent from the “coffee corridor” of Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, the ODFS solution scaled with him. The ODFS also traveled with him, as Stephen traveled out of the U.S. to Australia and Fiji.

Espressi officially launched at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Expo in Atlanta just last month. Its product – the mypressi TWIST – won Best New Product at the show, which is quite a validation in the coffee industry (see Absolutely, it means company growth, and growth on a global scale.

It will be exciting to watch as Espressi’s ecosystem becomes more defined and grows to include investors, distributors, and espresso lovers from all over the world. And the Egnyte ODFS will scale with Espressi along the way.

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