When we started Egnyte, the target market was SMB – defined as 1-99 person companies. Within a short span, building on the initial successful adoption, we expanded that to 1-500 person companies.

For the past few months, we have been signing customers which are departments within large enterprises. For example, we recently closed a 500 seat deal. Interestingly, we never directly marketed to companies of this size, yet they found us. Seems like a confluence of three factors – better awareness of Egnyte, increasing comfort with cloud based infrastructure solutions (Egnyte On Demand File Server) and the economy – working in favor of subscription based services i.e. conversion of capex dollars to opex dollars.

Also, the local cloud solution that was launched in mid February of this year, providing the comfort of having a local copy of data for that “just in case” concern, is working well for us.

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