Enterprise File Sharing

File access, sharing, collaboration and large file transfer

Enterprise File Sharing

What makes Egnyte different?

One of the biggest challenges for Enterprise IT is dealing with data gravity - providing easy file sharing and accessibility, while keeping data in-place. Egnyte allows enterprises to store files in the right place based on file size, security, and compliance needs with a unique solution that can be cloud only, on-prem only or synchronized between cloud and on-prem storage. Users get the seamless access and file sharing from any device regardless of where files are stored.

Egnyte solves all use cases that companies will grow to need:

Provide your users with a single view of all their files, regardless of where the data reside. Control where your files are stored based on data classification - commonly shared files on Egnyte Cloud File Server or third-party hosting solutions (S3, Azure, Google, Netapp Storage Grid) and private files on any on-premises storage (NAS/SAN/Direct-attached).


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