Storage Sync for Local Storage

Cloud-enable Any Local Storage System

Are you running VMware server on your local storage system? Now you can access and share files on your local storage from anywhere, with any device, without the need for VPN or FTP. Simply deploy Egnyte Storage Sync as a VMware virtual appliance and you're ready to go. Egnyte combines the flexibility of the cloud with in-the-office performance.

Storage Sync with VMware lets you:

  • Access files from anywhere, on any device, online or offline
  • Collaborate and share files within teams, across multiple offices, or with business partners
  • Store and backup files to the cloud with bi-directional file sync technology

Access files from anywhere, with any device

You can access your files directly on the storage system or online through the cloud file server. Egnyte bi-directionally synchronizes the two, so you always have uninterrupted access to the latest versions of your files. You can access files even when your office network is down or the local storage becomes unavailable. Egnyte automatically creates versions and notifies you of all file changes.

When working remotely, users can easily access files in several ways. They can use a web browser, a mapped network drive or any mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile.

Files on your local storage system can now be accessed using any device or platform such as, Microsoft Outlook, Google Docs and other workplace tools.

Share files easily between offices and business partners

Egnyte lets you set up a central access point for sharing files within teams, across multiple offices and with business partners. You can exercise complete control over file access using granular access permissions and audit reports. Users see only the folders intended for their projects or departments. Learn More

Collaborate across multiple offices

Egnyte can be deployed on storage devices across any number of offices to allow collaboration under one central access point. This helps employees of distributed offices seamlessly work together as if they are in one location. This eliminates the need to set up and maintain complex VPN and FTP networks.

Complete Control

Control user access levels and monitor file usage with real-time audit reports. User permissions and authentication are synced locally and in the cloud, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right files. For organizations with Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication, Egnyte integrates with VMware Horizon, OneLogin, Ping Identity, and Citrix CloudGateway. SAML 2.0 compliance enables integration with SSO solutions that utilize this standard. Egnyte also enables directory service integration with Active Directory and LDAP for centralized authentication management behind the firewall.

Safely backup files in the cloud

Any files synced from your local storage system to the cloud are automatically backed up. Egnyte's data centers are hosted in world-class Tier II, SSAE 16 compliant facilities. All data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption over SSL during transfer and at rest. Egnyte's architecture has built-in redundancy, maintaining multiple copies of your data to protect against hardware failures. In the case of disaster recovery, all your files, including past versions, can be instantly retrieved from the cloud.

Optimize network bandwidth

With a cloud-only storage solution, users are at the mercy of the network. As more of your applications are shifted to the cloud, your network connection becomes saturated, and the ability to access your files in the cloud becomes compromised. By cloud enabling your local storage, Storage Sync optimizes the network bandwidth used by storage. Administrators can configure which files are synchronized, and the synchronization frequency. When the network becomes saturated, or fails, users still have access to their files on your local storage.

How It Works

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