Storage Sync for NETGEAR ReadyDATA

Enable Cloud File Sharing on NETGEAR® ReadyDATA®

NETGEAR® ReadyDATA® is a tier 1 storage product without the cost and complexity of traditional enterprise offerings. ReadyDATA scales to 180TB and includes tier-1 storage features such as de-duplication, thin provisioning, replication and snapshots and redefines the concept of storage for small and medium businesses, remote offices/branch offices (ROBO), and departments within enterprise organizations.


But once the data is stored, how do employees share files to collaborate, inside and outside the firewall? How do employees share files with mobile devices? With Egnyte, files on your NETGEAR ReadyDATA are made available in the cloud. You can store, share and access files from anywhere, with any computer or mobile device. Transform your ReadyDATA into a central collaboration hub, allowing multiple teams, offices and business partners to easily work together as if they're in one location.

With Storage Sync for NETGEAR ReadyDATA

  • Businesses can deploy Egnyte VMware® based virtual appliance for any ReadyDATA storage device
  • Egnyte provides ReadyDATA users with scalable storage expansion to match growing business needs
  • Employees have uninterrupted local file access and remote online access from any computer or mobile device
  • Eliminate the need to set up and maintain new infrastructure to provide secure file sharing beyond the firewall

Access files from anywhere, with any device

Files on your ReadyDATA can easily be accessed using Egnyte. While in the office, employees continue to enjoy the ReadyDATA experience with uninterrupted file access and sharing through the LAN. Remote employees can access files in the cloud using any web browser, mapped drive, FTP client, smartphone or tablet. No matter where the user is, Egnyte syncs your ReadyDATA files to the cloud, providing flexible file access from anywhere, with any device.

Collaborate across multiple offices

Deploying Egnyte on multiple ReadyDATA devices across multiple offices allows you to connect them under one central access point. This helps employees of distributed offices to work seamlessly together as if they are in one location. Never again will you have to replicate your network across multiple offices, which can be costly and time-consuming to maintain.

Optimize network bandwidth

With a cloud-only storage solution, users are at the mercy of the network. As more of your applications are shifted to the cloud, your network connection becomes saturated, and the ability to access your files in the cloud becomes compromised. By cloud enabling your local NETGEAR storage, Storage Sync optimizes the network bandwidth used by storage. Administrators can configure which files are synchronized, and the synchronization frequency. When the network becomes saturated, or fails, users still have access to their files on your local NETGEAR storage.

How It Works

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