Financial Services and Banking

File Sharing for Financial Services & Banking

"Egnyte enabled us to save $55,000 of our IT budget. Additionally, with 15 remote offices located in the UK, it is important for our employees to have access to their files and us to maintain visibility and control. Egnyte provides a secure way to access these files from any location combined with strong centralized administration capabilities."
~ Piotr Malinski, Head of Information Technology - Semperian

The financial services and banking industries play a critical role in the economy, and the sensitive data they manage requires the highest standards for digital storage security. Whether it's SEC oversight, FINRA compliance or Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, maintaining tight control over financial data is absolutely critical.

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    Compliant Collaboration

    All financial service organizations need a reliable way to share confidential documents such as customer activity reports and cash flow statements. Traditional methods of sharing files over email, FTP and USB drive are wrought with security problems, and often run the risk of violating SEC regulations. Egnyte offers companies a secure and compliance-focused platform to share files of any type and size. Through permission-based shared folders and protected file links, True North Advisors can safely share documents across internal users, clients and vendors.

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    Secure Storage and Backup

    Banks and financial institutions require the most secure repositories for storing their critical business data. That data storage must be protected at all stages, ensuring SEC recordkeeping and bank regulation compliance. By using Egnyte, companies get a FINRA compliant online storage solution with complete end-to-end data protection. Egnyte's government-compliant data centers also provides businesses such as Waypoint Wealth Partners with a data recovery plan, ensuring all files and recent versions are retrievable any time without disruption to business.

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    Authentication and Permissioning

    Remote file access is a necessity for many financial service employees, but access beyond the firewall using traditional VPN systems can be cumbersome and unreliable, especially via mobile devices. Egnyte solves that problem by offering secure online file access with enforced user authentication and folder permissions. No matter what location or access method (web browser, map drive, secure FTP, desktop sync, mobile app) employees are always verified using company specific authentication policies. By using Egnyte, Semperian is able to provide file access to employees across 15 UK remote offices while maintaining complete permission control.

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    Control And Visibility

    Financial service employees don't always have online access, but saving company data such as client account information on personal laptops or mobile devices can compromise confidential data. Egnyte addresses the security needs of financial companies by providing complete control over folder access and real-time visibility on all user activities. Administrators can deactivate user accounts as needed (e.g. when an employee leaves the company) as well as assign and revoke permissions on any folder. Egnyte also provides administrators at EIMC with complete data transparency when employees are working on case files.