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  • Egnyte Drive
    Egnyte in Construction: Therma Corporation
    Meet Larry Narachi, IT Manager at Therma Corporation, who's using Egnyte to boost productivity on remote construction job sites — providing secure access anywhere to large files.
  • Giant Creative Strategy
    Giant Creative Strategy
    Spencer Mains, the director of IT at Giant Creative Strategy gives his thoughts on Egnyte and how it can benefit the advertising industry.
  • Egnyte & You - Adaptive Enterprise File Services
    Egnyte & You - Adaptive Enterprise File Services
    Egnyte delivers Adaptive Enterprise File Services that uniquely anticipate the needs of users and IT departments...
  • Egnyte Smart Reporting & Auditing
    Egnyte Smart Reporting & Auditing
    See how customers are benefiting from the new Smart Reporting and Auditing file service.
  • Egnyte Security Architecture
    Egnyte Security Architecture
    Egnyte's comprehensive approach to security offers enterprises choice of storage, protection (at end points, in transit, and storage) and universal visibility for all data.
  • Egnyte Mobility Suite
    Egnyte Mobility Suite
    Egnyte mobility suite allows seamless access to all corporate files, even those stored on premises storage.
  • New Adaptive Enterprise File Services
    New Adaptive Enterprise File Services
    Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain unveils Adaptive Enterprise File Services, with new Content Intelligence and Smart Reporting & Auditing for line-of-business end users and enterprise IT departments.
  • Egnyte Mobility Suite
    Egnyte Mobility Suite
    Egnyte mobility suite allows seamless access to all corporate files, even those stored on premises storage.
  • Egnyte for Android
    Egnyte for Android
    Download, upload, send file links or share folders with our Android app.
  • Egnyte for iOS
    Egnyte for iOS
    Download, upload, send file links or share folders with our iOS app.
  • Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing
    Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing
    Find out what makes Egnyte more than just a cloud solution. See why Egnyte is the only enterprise file sharing platform that solves 100% of IT use cases.
  • Les Mills Customer Testimonial
    Les Mills Customer Testimonial
    With Egnyte, Les Mills converged their content silos from more than 80 locations around the world and gained complete visibility and control over 100% of their files.
  • AppDynamics Customer Testimonial
    AppDynamics Customer Testimonial
    Find out why AppDynamics chose Egnyte as their collaboration platform and what impact Egnyte has had on the company.
  • Egnyte Platform for 100% of your files (Red, Yellow and Green)
    Egnyte Platform for 100% of your files (Red, Yellow and Green)
    Egnyte is the only file sharing platform that adheres to data gravity - the simple idea that not all files were meant to be "up in the cloud".
  • The Demand for Hybrid Online File Sharing Solutions
    The Demand for Hybrid Online File Sharing Solutions
    Learn why 97% of early cloud adopters prefer a hybrid solution and are looking for alternative deployment models to gain more control over their data.
  • Egnyte Drive
    Egnyte Drive
    Browse for Egnyte files directly from your Mac with our latest product: Egnyte Drive.
  • Map Drive
    Map Drive
    Browse and access Egnyte files directly from Windows Explorer using Map Drive.
  • Administrator Quick Start
    Administrator Quick Start
    Learn how to deploy and manage your Egnyte account. Configure security controls, set up users, define shared folders and more.
  • User Quick Start
    User Quick Start
    See how you can upload files, share with teams, send public or private file links and install various Egnyte apps including mobile apps, Desktop Sync, etc.
  • Navigating the Web UI
    Navigating the Web UI
    Find all of the features in your Egnyte account, from Shared folders to your Profile page.
  • Uploading Files
    Uploading Files
    Upload files to Egnyte by dragging and dropping or browsing for files on your desktop.
  • Uploading Folders
    Uploading Folders
    You can upload entire folders directly into Egnyte's Web UI; this video will teach you how.
  • Sharing Links to Files
    Sharing Links to Files
    Share files and folders easily using links.
  • Sharing Folders
    Sharing Folders
    Share a folder with a client or co-worker to provide access to a group of files for ongoing collaboration.
  • Egnyte's Admin-Only Features
    Egnyte's Admin-Only Features
    Discover Egnyte's admin-only features, from trash management to device remote wipe.
  • Creating Upload Links
    Creating Upload Links
    Upload Links allow you to collect documents from external collaborators without adding them to your local LDAP or giving them access to your Egnyte account.
  • Users and Groups
    Users and Groups
    Learn how to manage the users and groups who have access to your Egnyte account.
  • Egnyte's Subfolder Permissions
    Egnyte's Subfolder Permissions
    Learn about the powerful folder permission model that enables you to have complete control over all your files.
  • How To Upload Large Files Using FTP
    How To Upload Large Files Using FTP
    Egnyte provides a simple FTP solution to transfer and share large files.
  • Desktop Sync
    Desktop Sync
    Sync files between the cloud and your desktop so you can work offline.
  • Storage Sync
    Storage Sync
    Sync the contents of any storage device to the cloud.
  • Storage Connect
    Storage Connect
    Storage Connect gives you remote access to files stored locally, without requiring VPN.
  • Storage Sync for NETGEAR
    Storage Sync for NETGEAR
    Sync the contents of your NETGEAR NAS box to the cloud.
  • Storage Sync for NetApp
    Storage Sync for NetApp
    Sync the contents of your NetApp FAS or E-series device to the cloud.
  • Mobile Device Overview
    Mobile Device Overview
    Learn about Egnyte mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets, and how to access and share files with others while being on the road.
  • Egnyte on Your Tablet
    Egnyte on Your Tablet
    Want to see how fast and easy it is to share files from your tablet? Watch this fun Egnyte TV spot.
  • Egnyte for Microsoft Office
    Egnyte for Microsoft Office
    Whether you use Office on your desktop, Office Online, or the Office mobile apps, Egnyte for Microsoft Office lets you access and share all of your files at all times.
  • Egnyte and Salesforce.com
    Egnyte and Salesforce.com
    Share, access and store files directly within Salesforce using Egnyte's Salesforce add-on.
  • Mobilizing the Construction Workforce
    Mobilizing the Construction Workforce
    See how Egnyte helps construction companies save on paper, time, and money by integrating with construction-focused mobile apps, such as Bluebeam, PlanGrid, SmartUse, and FotoIN.
  • Egnyte and Outlook
    Egnyte and Outlook
    Use the Egnyte Outlook add-in to send links, request files, and upload documents without having to leave Outlook.
  • Egnyte for Google Drive
    Egnyte for Google Drive
    Extend Google Drive with Egnyte Enterprise File Services.
  • Egnyte and Docusign
    Egnyte and Docusign
    Collect signatures on important documents directly from your Egnyte account using our DocuSign integration.