Secure File Sharing for Privacy and Data Protection

Security and privacy are the top concerns of businesses when adopting new file services platforms. Growing data and users introduces additional risks of data breaches and compliance concerns.

As the industry leader of enterprise file services, Egnyte provides world-class security and control for all of its customers. In addition to providing maximum protection for data storage, sharing and access, Egnyte also adheres to strict government compliances and privacy regulations.

  • Access Controls

    Access Controls

    No matter what access method (Web browser, mapped drive, FTP, mobile apps), all users must go through an authentication process before accessing their files. IT has complete control over user login behavior with password policy management and can set additional levels of authentication with multi-step login verification. Even after logging in with the correct credentials, user permissions are granularly enforced at every folder and subfolder level. Egnyte also integrates with any existing AD/LDAP/SSO system, making it easy for IT to centrally manage users and permissions.

  • Storage Layers

    Advanced Authentication

    Egnyte also offers advanced authentication options, providing additional control and security over user login and password management. These enterprise features help companies adhere to a higher standard of business regulations and compliance.

  • Real-time Auditing

    Storage Layers

    Egnyte offers multiple storage deployment models for files of every security classification. Sensitive files, such as financial documents or protected health information, can be stored and accessed behind the firewall on local storage using Storage Connect. Employees can securely access private files without using a VPN or the cloud. Collaborative files, on the other hand, can be stored in Egnyte’s Cloud File Server, easily accessible by internal and external collaborators. Having multiple storage options allows IT to keep data where it belongs, without sacrificing security and privacy.

  • Data during Transmission

    Data During Transmission

    Egnyte has adopted transmission practices of the most secure institutions in the world by using 256-bit AES encryption to encode data during transmission. 256-bit AES encryption is the strictest standard applied by the U.S. government for TOP SECRET documentation and ensures that even if company data was intercepted, it would be impossible to decipher. Even in the event an employee device is lost or stolen, company files are encrypted locally and can be remotely wiped at any time.

  • Data at Rest

    Data At Rest

    Egnyte encrypts data at rest. All files stored on Egnyte RAID6 servers are automatically encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. If someone gained access to data on the servers, the data would be impossible to read. The encryption key is stored in a secure key vault that is a separate database decoupled from the raw storage layer. As a final precaution, administrators have the option to replicate their data to a secondary Tier II, SSAE 16 compliant facility where it is again replicated on RAID6 servers.

  • Network Security

    Network Security

    In order to police traffic between public networks and the servers where company data resides, Egnyte employs ICSA-certified firewalls. These firewalls are built to recognize and handle multiple synchronous threats (e.g., DDoS attacks) without performance degradation. The network uses SSL encryption and a Network Intrusion Detection System that monitors and blocks hackers, worms, phishing, and all other infiltration methods.

  • Physical Security

    Physical Security

    Egnyte houses all file servers in industry-leading Tier II, SSAE 16 compliant colocation facilities that feature 24-hour manned security, biometric access control, and video surveillance. All servers reside in private cages that require physical keys to open. The servers are never equipped with USB ports or CD/DVD drives, ensuring that data cannot be copied or removed from the devices. All data centers hosting these servers are audited annually for potential risks and limitations.

  • Physical Security

    Mobile Data and Device Controls

    345 million mobile devices are lost or stolen each year. With the increasing number of employees bringing smartphones and tablets into the workplace, IT needs to ensure that files on mobile devices are protected.

    Egnyte Device Control offers IT peace of mind in case employee mobile devices are lost or stolen. Device Control provides IT with a real-time online dashboard to manage and track employee devices and mobile data. Functions such as remote wipe, device encryption and passcode lock give businesses comprehensive control over corporate data across the full range of end-user devices.

Security White Paper

Want to learn more? Download the Egnyte Security Architecture White Paper.