Fast Local Access

Blazing Fast Local Access

Fast Local Access

With Egnyte storage sync, IT can transform any existing storage or server into a central access point. Employees in the office can access and collaborate at incredible LAN speeds while remote employees can remain productive with online file sharing.

Hybrid Access

Bandwidth limitations and internet connection outages limit traditional cloud storage solutions. Egnyte's hybrid technology solves these problems by combining the accessibility and flexibility of cloud storage with "in-the-office" performance of local storage. This "best of both worlds" approach provides businesses with fast local collaboration and offline access to files.

Uninterrupted Collaboration

Egnyte's hybrid approach to cloud storage is made possible by storage sync, which continuously creates a local copy of business files. Egnyte automatically detects and synchronizes changes made between online and local storage, ensuring employees have fast, reliable access to the latest files, wherever they are.

Access Permissions

Egnyte storage sync not only synchronizes data, but also full user authentication and permissions, behind or outside the firewall. This enables IT to create one set of user logins and folder permissions for all their employees, even outside the office.

What It does

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