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EgnytePlus: Cloud-enable Your Storage

File Sharing Anywhere

Your storage sits behind the firewall and provides fast local access for employees in the office. But what happens when your remote employees or business partners need access as well? Traditional solutions such as VPN and FTP are complex to setup and costly to maintain. They also don’t allow secure controlled access for the ever expanding number of mobile devices, causing employees to bypass IT altogether.

Bandwidth limitations and internet connection outages limit traditional cloud storage solutions. EgnytePlus, however, solves these problems by combining the accessibility and flexibility of cloud storage with the "in-the-office" experience and performance of local storage. With this "best of both worlds" approach, files on your local storage are made available online. You can store, share and access files from anywhere, with any computer or mobile device. Transform your storage into a central collaboration hub, allowing multiple teams, offices and business partners to easily work together as if they’re in one location.

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