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Marine Insurance Consulting Company Selects Egnyte for Anytime, Anywhere File Collaboration

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"Egnyte offers us great collaboration transparency when working on case files. What we like best about Egnyte is being able to access and collaborate on files at anytime from anywhere."
Paul Hammes, IT Infrastructure Manager

Marine Insurance Investigation

EIMC offers professional consulting for the marine insurance industry, providing a wide range of services, from cargo surveying and loss adjusting, to claims settling and recovery. The New York headquarters is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Including the employees who work in the headquarters, as well as remotely in port cities around the nation, EIMC has a total of about 30 employees. Consistently delivering high quality, impartial, timely and cost-effective results are an important part of the EIMC mission.

Challenge: Accessing files stored on a local server was a hassle

Paul Hammes, Director of Claims and Recovery, explains how, prior to Egnyte, EIMC used four Microsoft file servers for storing and retrieving data. While most of the Jersey City office staff was working off the local servers, employees working remotely had to store files on their own computers and email documents back and forth.

Around the time Hammes read an article praising Egnyte as a file-sharing alternative worth considering, one of EIMC's local consultants said she had to relocate due to her husband's job. She would be forced to leave the company if she wasn't able to work remotely. His desire to hold on to a valuable consultant pushed Paul to give Egnyte a try. Once he realized it was a viable solution, he quickly rolled Egnyte out across his company.

Solution: Collaboration Made Easy with Egnyte

The employees in the Jersey City headquarters use Egnyte's Office Local Cloud, which provides EIMC with one centralized local access point for all files, just like a file server. The Office Local Cloud is deployed on a NETGEAR ReadyNAS, synchronizing files between the NAS device and the Cloud File Server.

EIMC remote employees use Egnyte Personal Local Cloud, which synchronizes files between the local hard drive and the cloud, giving them offline access to files on their personal computer.

Egnyte offers EIMC great collaboration transparency for case files. The file managers review the case and documents, while the field investigators take pictures, write up notes about the cases and upload them to the appropriate case folder in Egnyte. Occasionally they send folder links to clients, particularly when the case file is too large to email.

Hammes notes many benefits for EIMC since moving to Egnyte:

  • Allows for collaboration transparency on case files.
  • Enables EIMC to meet backup requirements by using Egnyte Local Cloud.
  • Provides a disaster recovery solution, allowing remote access in the event of a hurricane or snowstorm.
  • Allowed for reduction of in-house physical servers, from 4 to 2.

"What we like best about Egnyte," Hammes says, "is being able to access and collaborate on files at any time and from anywhere."

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