Extend Egnyte File Services to Boost Productivity

Egnyte is built around the needs of businesses. That's why Egnyte file services work with any existing IT infrastructure, leveraging software and hardware platforms already in place. Whether implementing for storage systems, security providers, mobile devices or cloud applications, Egnyte file services can be easily integrated into any IT infrastructure.

Egnyte for Google Drive

Extend Google Drive with Egnyte to move file servers to Drive, gain a global namespace unifying access to Drive and on-premises storage, enforce collaboration policies across the organization, and much more.
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Simplify mobile collaboration with files of any size—no matter where they are stored. With Egnyte’s integrated apps for iOS, Android and Windows, enterprises can rapidly improve cost and IT performance with a storage-centric approach (e.g., digitizing CAD and blueprint files for paperless project management).
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Productivity and Collaboration

With cloud-integrated apps from Salesforce, DocuSign and many more, streamline business processes and simplify policy management across your business, mobile workforce and external partners.
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Identity and Security

Converge identity and access management including user provisioning, SSO and AD integration for all files and folder hierarchies stored in the cloud and on premises. Companies can ensure enterprise apps maintain SOX, HIPAA, or other compliance more efficiently when IT and the end-user are managing one set of credentials.
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Cloud Services

Take your mobile strategy to a new level with Egnyte’s cloud services apps. When organizations implement cloud-native apps integrated with Egnyte, it doesn’t matter how many public, private and hybrid clouds need to be connected; enterprises can deliver any number of services with peace of mind around security and compliance.
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Developer API Program

Get started on your new composite RESTful app by joining the Egnyte Developer API Program. In seconds, you can get Egnyte’s API keys and easy-to-understand I/O Docs. Sandbox your new apps and Web services in the Egnyte emulator, and reach a large, thriving developer community at the Egnyte Developer Blog. Egnyte can also help to promote your apps and manage life cycles.
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